howdy ya'll

so... sadly enough... but happy even moreso.... so i'm getting a new blog and it's here. jtlyk haha so i might post here sometime just for the heck of it.................. but don't count on it. hahahaha


HA. i'm lame.

well maybe i should start blogging. i think that would be a good idea. haha.

and maybe because i haven't blogged in FOREVER....... i will start way back on nov. 2nd.
the state fair!!! it was so much fun!!!!! haha

*please note the large cow in the background


New Favorite Song

So i pretty much have a new favorite song now.

here's a little linky thing to experience the most amazing song on the face of the planet.

your gaurdian angel red jumpsuit appartatus



Ha! We win!

So basically I really like the fact that for the stake pioneer trek we got to just go up for the fireside AND stay in a hotel. oh ya. we rock. AND Kylie got to come with us!!! so the drive up to Payson was really fun and let me tell you this- sticking Kylie and I in a car with and ipod and some junk food- not the prettiest sight. BUT really funny one. ha. it was SOOOO much fun!!!
Kylie- i think you look like a turtle in this pic.
Yep. that's me bein gangsta. Aren't I awesome???
Pucker up!!!
I am just so awesome at that!!! jk.
raise the roof brotha.

more to come later. i'm tired.

peace out brotha.


All i have to say is.......

ONE WEEK FROM FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

peace baby.



I never thought I looked like P Diddy. sad.



Sorry I'm really late on posting this- but at least I'm finally doing something new! Halloween was SO fun!!! i went trick or treating with tons of friends and i had a blast!

let me tell you a story:

i was just walking along down the side of the road while we were trick-or-treating, minding my own business, when i ran into a car. a PARKED car. how LAME is that. it hurt really bad!

tell me: was that-
sad :(
just plain retarded
all of the above

now, tell the truth.

this is Courtney. she is really hot in this pic.

i forgot to take a pic of my costume. i was an awesome Jamaican named Sanka *name that movie*. it was pretty sweet. i had the dreads and everything.

Welp, peace baby.